Welcome to DJ Equipment For Beginners! This website is designed to equip people BRAND NEW to DJing. The income potential for DJ’s is limitless, and I have friends that have quit their jobs making over 4k a month. There is nothing more satisfying then choosing the perfect song while the crowd is dancing, blending it in perfect, and having the crowd erupt in cheers/applause, and being paid over $100 an hour! This site will equip you with the right tools to accomplish this.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to DJ.

#1 LAPTOP. Yes, you will need a laptop. This might come as a surprise to some, however lugging around a massive super computer or simply utilizing an under-powered mobile device alone will not help fast track your success in your upcoming DJ career. Choose something in between… thus a laptop. I highly suggest choosing the right laptop because great performance and mobility are crucial for DJ’s today.

#2 CONTROLLER. “Wait, like a video game controller?” Ummm yeahhh, sort of… but no. Consider a controller to be your command center for your entire DJ experience. A controller is your instrument for your musical artistry. It’s easier to see than to say, so click the controller tab to see for yourself.

#3 SPEAKERS. Shocker, you will need your own speakers. Look, the truth is a lot of venues, parties, professional environments, and weddings don’t provide the speakers for you. Also, it is important to remember that DJing is YOUR reputation and your own enterprise. You will want to provide the best experience possible from equipment that you know, trust, and control. So do it correctly right from the start, have your own speakers. Don’t risk your reputation on someone else’s scratchy, shrill, high-pitched, ear fatiguing, headache causing sound. The audience will be miserable, and they will blame the DJ (if this is a wedding, you’re going to have a bad time).

#4 Lighting. The experience you provide goes far beyond music alone. Lighting is monumental when it comes to enhancing performance and is absolutely necessary. See lighting.

#5 Mixers.  Got more than one speaker? Need a microphone to MC? Cool, no problem, just get a mixer. A mixer allows you to plug in speakers, microphones, and your controller into one spot giving them all sound.